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ONLY THE COOLEST/HOTTEST GROUP OF PEOPLE TO EVER STEP FOOT ON EARTH. Also, they are basically the creators of civilization.
Damn! Thats one cool Egyptian!
by Dalia March 30, 2005
1. a female pimp; a girl that can get whatever she wants whenever she wants out of multiple guys
2. a female that pimps out hos to make money
1. that trick gina can be considered a pimpette or a playa
2. gina the pimpette makes $1300 a week outta her ho sandra
by dalia November 23, 2003
N.: A guy with a geeky rep that you've gotten to know a it-and can see the coolness hidden beneath his comic-book obsession.
FROM: Adam Brody, the actor who plays Seth Cohen on The O.C.
"Yes, I am going out with Oswald, despite his ever-present pocket protector. That guy is a total brody, and I'm just the girl to bring out the best in him.
by Dalia February 24, 2004

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