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Just barely hitting, scratching, or skimming across something. Usually related to a vehicle accident.
I just clipped that truck!

The helicopter clipped the side of the building.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010
A combination of Psychic and Poison. A poison for the mind. Mental trickery. Using lies to get inside someones head and play around with it.
I'm mentally screwed because of your psyanide, jerk.

Everything she says is just psyanide.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010
One of those grey, dull, boring days where you don't want to do anything but don't want to do nothing. Sometimes rainy or cold. Mostly it's associated with the feeling rather than the weather it's self, but can refer to both.
1. I hate when it's this daygloomy out.

2. Shit, i'm feeling all daygloomy.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010

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