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The act of filling a syringe with a colorful liquid of your choice, and squirting it up your penis so when you jack off it is very colorful. and it is also unforgivable.
I heard Ben avada kedavrad all over his girlfriend last night, it sounded really fun.
#jizz #cum #harrypotter #spell #colorful
by Dale Langerble May 14, 2010
the act of tucking your penis behind your thighs in the goat position and a girl or guy sucking your dick from behind with her nose in your butt hole
i met this freaky girl last night and she loved doing das goat. by the end of the night her nose was brown.
#goats #butt #balls #corn hole #suck #avada kedevra
by Dale Langerble November 18, 2010
Someone who enjoys the company of a river, stream, or any moving water.
Did you see ian stareing at that stream yesterday?
Yeah, hes a river lover.
#river #lover #stream #water #dihydrogen monoxide
by Dale Langerble March 05, 2012
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