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A narcissistic, ubiquitous whorebag.
That Miley Cyrus is so full of herself and her pictures are everywhere you look. She's also probably a whorebag.
by Dale Allen August 18, 2008
A substitute pejorative for dick, it's also a funny word to say.
"He kicked me in the testes. What a penis-wenie!"
by Dale Allen August 18, 2008
A euphemism for masturbating.
"I'll be back in 15 minutes. I'll be getting the poison out if you need me."
by Dale Allen August 18, 2008
An even more superlative form of a beast. Can be used both postively and negatively.
a) "Did you see that guy bench 500 pounds? He's a beast which is!"

b) "Damn that girl is a beast which is"
by Dale Allen August 18, 2008

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