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Refers to someone who is foolish, clumsy, dumb. Also can be used as an expression of frustration when someone does or says something stupid or idiotic. Can also be shortened to "jub".

Originates from England, and is related to the expressions "lovely jubbly" and "jubjub".

Of the three, only "lovely jubbly" is a positive expression. Jubbly and jubjub both refer to someone being stupid, annoying, blond, clumsy, or dumb.
"You are such a jubbly. Why do you always forget your wallet when we're out?"

"Don't invite her, she's such a jub".

"Haha! Did you really just walk into that sign you jubbly?"

"ARGH! You are SUCH a jubbly!"
by Dalaga April 10, 2010
"Jubjub" was derived from the English expression "Lovely jubbly". "Jubbly" used alone does not mean the same as 'lovely jubbly'. Generally, jubbly is used to describe someone who has done something stupid, silly, clumsy or immature.

ex. "Gow, you're such a jubbly! I can't believe you've locked us out of the car again!"
ex. "We are definitely lost! Why haven't you stopped for directions? Gaa! When did you turn into such a jubbly?"

However, "jubjub" is a shortened, more affectionate derivative of "jubbly". It is used in an endearing fashion, usually with a loved one or child.
-"Aww, come here my little jubjub. Did you fall down and hurt your knee? Poor baby."

-"Come on jubjub. We're gonna be late!"

-"Love you jubjub"
by Dalaga April 10, 2010

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