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A vehicle, usually ranging in the model years of 1972-1992 seen in trailer parks across america. Has a 350 motor with nothing else but a chrome aircleaner & glasspacks. Jack shit for rear passenger space. Lots of rust.
Owners' usually going through mid life crisis.
Go to your local trailer park if you don't believe me.
by DakotaThunder January 19, 2005
A sporty version of the grocery-getter taurus. Introduced in 1989, it had a high revving 220hp 3.0 DOHC V6 made by Yamaha and a 5 speed transmission. 1992 the body style changed. In 1993 a bored version of the 3.0, the 3.2 with slightly more touque was released. Coupled to an automatic transmission. In 1996, bodystyle changed to the bubble look and so did the motor. It was now a 235hp 3.4 V8. But only with an auto trans. The motor wasn't as snappy as with a manual tran and is plagued with camshaft/sprocket problems. In 1999 the SHO was dropped.
My '89 SHO will still hand most ricers their ass.
by DakotaThunder January 21, 2005
A good daily driver car with a piece of shit transmission. Now being replaced by the Ford 500.
Its rare to find a taurus near 130K without transmission trouble.
by DakotaThunder January 21, 2005
Jamming piece of shit that costed thousands of lives in 'Nam. Worthless, inacurate .223rem round.
AK's have jaM-16 by the balls.
by DakotaThunder January 19, 2005

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