4 definitions by Dakota Charles

A small hole drilled into a Womans restroom or gym room that allows the observer to see what is happening while still remaining almost invisable
girl using restroom: omg theres a peep hole on the wall

high shcool coach: pulls fire alarm
by Dakota Charles September 20, 2006
A true hero in any community, culture or race
Unike police, teachers or goverment leaders it is actully cool to be a fire man
by Dakota Charles September 19, 2006
A woman with a breat operation that combined both breast into one super huge breast
That woman only needs one cup on here breast for here mega boob
by Dakota Charles September 19, 2006
a name given to a usally small want to be punker girl.
Dude alma changed her hair again
by Dakota Charles September 18, 2006

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