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H.I.Q. is H.I.V....but its the type stupaid baish sluts get...
U have been with 2 many guyz...u stupaid besh, u could catch H.I.Q.
by Daithi April 01, 2005
the Qwipes is a controversial subject. Some believe it isn't real, but others(namely me, andrew and ryan) know its real. it is a desease more deadly then H.I.V. and H.I.Q. put together. It has simptoms are one or two herpies, gay long hair, and shitting urself uncontrollably.
Andrew Z. has caught the qwipes and is going to shit himself to unbearable and excruciating pain... in front of the whole school prduction of "Bye Bye Birdie"
by Daithi April 01, 2005

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