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Fox hunting is a traditional countryside sport and is the only feasible way of controling the population of foxes. Contrary to popular belief it is a far more humain and fair way of reaching a healthy population when you consider that the only other available forms of culling are unnatural and artificial - gassing shooting Furthermore it is common for the hunt to ask the fox if he consents to the chase considering the little bastard has written off most animals in the local area all for his own enjoyment. The hunt followers who take part in the event fund the hunt staff (who are the only people who fully understand the sport) and in return spend the day boozing and chasing after loose women, in fact seeing the actual kill is fairly low on their list of priorities. The recent ban was a below-the-belt stab at the countryside and people associated with the sport. It has nothing to do with the welfare of the animals involved and generally has put more pressure on the government to continue their reign of stupidity to please a nation of big-brother watching, macDonalds eating, car stealing, council estate slobs
im bored of bungie jumping and sky diving lets do something really exciting like fox hunting!
by Daisy Smith February 17, 2006

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