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3 definitions by Daisy McJuniper

a kick-ass song by three dog night!
"Ooooooooohhh ooooooohh yeah!
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

i'm on the road to shambala!"
by Daisy McJuniper June 22, 2005
the best sex pistols song EVER!

(along with anarchy in the uk, god save the queen, and EMI, of course...)
we're so pretty...oh, so pretty...

...we're vacant!
by Daisy McJuniper March 28, 2005
a raw egg mixed with a shot of worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar and pepper used to cure hangovers.

the first time i ever heard of the term was in the 1972 film "cabaret"...which is waaaayyy better than any stupid fkin anime.
a prarie oyster will cure even the most sinister hangovers.
by Daisy McJuniper April 15, 2005