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something that gives dentist money $$
after a long surgery
dentist- good boy!here have a lollipop!
by Daisy March 27, 2004
lol, an awesome guitarist in mcr...maybe not as hot as gerard mikey or frankie, but he's in the band, so everyone loves him anyway.
Ray's fro is the shit.
by Daisy April 01, 2005
just fit
look at those olsen twins va va voom
by Daisy June 19, 2004
One that calls for and directs organized cheering (as at a football game)
You going to the game tonight?
Of course I am! I'm I cheerleader, remember?
by Daisy May 27, 2005
The most retarded phrase in the world. Whoever uses it seriously and in everyday life should do everyone around them a favor and just shut the fuck up. And please, dont use it for really great bands like, "the used rocks my socks". Because if you do, and i hear it, i will, seriously, kick you in the teeth.
"omg, the used like, totally rocks my socks" *gets kicked in the mouth* "ow!" see...i told you not to say it!
by Daisy April 01, 2005
The cat from the 1993 show, The Big Comfy Couch.
Used when someone is being fresh.
Be nice, Snicklefritz!!

You're such a Snicklefritz!!
by Daisy May 24, 2005

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