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2 definitions by Dahounian

A chemist who specializes in the clandestine synthesis of 1-phenyl-2-propanone, more commonly referred to as methamphetamine.
Friend: whatever happened to our class president?

Me: He got his Ph.D in organic chemistry, and then became a multi-millionaire methist for the southern cartel.
by Dahounian February 19, 2009
A neurological condition in which a woman's brain migrates to her breasts. This results in the patient having large boobs and empty space where her brain should be. This is the official medical term, but is more commonly referred to as air head or ditz when applied to a woman with big tits.
Friend: That hot girl at taco bell turned out to be fucking stupid.

Me: She suffers from brainboobitis.

Friend: Oh, I see.
by Dahounian February 18, 2009