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The C.U.N.T (Cornwall United National Team), started as a small bad of chums in the late 90's who banded togrther at the beginning of the goth revolution.

Though their numbers were small, they fought their very hardest to keep their wrist slitting foes at bay, while trying to deal with internal corruption and deceit within the leadership of the group.

The 3 main fathers of the gang wer Dags, Wardo, and Coopsy. Dags was a strong believer in the Chav faith and a natural leader. It was all by himself that he kept the incoming recruits trained and ready for any Gothic reatalliation that may occur within the local and surrounding districts. A true leader within the ranks, his life and heroicness are still celebrated to this day.

Wardo, unfortunately, due to his bisexualality, tuned into the Emo thoughs running through his head turned his back on the group. He lead a goth alliance throuth the wartorn streets of redruth for the epic battle of "hardcourt" in which 1400 goths wer slain in a bloody massacre. after his defeat Wardo robbed his fellow generals within the Emo Allianc and fled to Paraguay in 2003 with his underaged boy lover where he commits the crimes of paedofilia and piracy to make a living.

Coopsy unfortuanatly died of a supected drug poisoning within 1 of his almighty spliffs. His life was celebrated by many C.U.N.T members by capturing and causing the "mass suicide of Park and Tanzys" in wich 600 Emos wer made to drink bleach.

The C.U.N.T is still strong and growing throughout cornwall and will always be there for young chavs fighting the Goth oppression!!
the C.U.N.T will kick the shit outta you, Emo scum!!
by Dagzzz September 05, 2007

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