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60 definitions by Dagrolord

A thug who combines ebullient brutality with impassioned assholery.
Columbine forced public school adminstrators to finally pay due attention to bullying. Investigators cited student body testimony that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had themselves been the frequent victims of schoolyard stooligans.
by Dagrolord January 07, 2012
168 19
A typically self-righteous fundamentalist who affixes a fish sticker on the bumper of his or her motor vehicle to indicate Jesus is riding shotgun. Fishstickers believe that Jesus wants them to drive in the fast lane at ultra-conservative speed, and the astute motorist will recognize the fishsticker in a pattern of traffic ahead passing to the right of a mini-van. 'Fishsticker' is often used to indicate ultra-conservative.
"I knew Tabitha and I were star-crossed lovers upon discovery that her parents were fishsticker Republicans."
by Dagrolord February 09, 2012
86 1
hippocampus: Virtually any college or university campus in Mississippi, Alabama or Tennessee, where over 30% of the student body is significantly obese.
"Dude, it was like an entire university campus of sumo wrestlers! I couldn't believe the amount of morbidly obese 20-year olds cruising the hippocampus on mobility scooters."
by Dagrolord November 15, 2009
5993 5933
Start-up and later stage funding provided to companies with potential for great gain or risk is typically referred to as venture capitalism. 'Denture Capitalism' captures the fact that venture capitalism is typically funded by elderly plutocrats.
'Sources report that Denture Capitalism kingpin Warren Buffet's interest in Mr. Vokonvov's innovative search engine has helped attract ample funding to the start-up.'
by Dagrolord July 30, 2012
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