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Abbreviation for bar/restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings
Lets go get some wings and beer at bdubs
by Dagnast March 08, 2006
1. To get rid of your current date, and move on to the next date. Created from the MTV show "NEXT"
Wow, he got nexted in under a minute
by Dagnast April 29, 2005
1. Slang term for computer
2. tightest beer bong ever
3. Something that needs to be helped
4. funny GI Joe spoof on ebaumbsworld
1. lets put some games on your new computa
2. I just fuckin bonged 3 beers on computa
3. Help computa
4. did you see that GI Joe computa video on ebaumsword
by Dagnast February 22, 2005
1. The act of purposefully causeing yourself to get nexted
2. Intentionally doing something on a date that will cause you to dumped
1. I was about to commit nexticide, if she wouldn't have nexted me
2. She struggled so much, I had to commit nexticide
by Dagnast April 29, 2005

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