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1. A Liberal is usually someone who falls to the left of the political spectrum i.e restricted use of guns. They also usually vote against things like the death penalty.

2. The Word liberal is in my experience used by far right people to describe people who want to at least try and protect people.
1. I belive that the death penalty is wrong for numerous reasons.
2. Far Right person 'What do you mean there should be a debate over the Iraq war? What are you some liberal commie wuss?'
by Dagill August 19, 2009
The Labour party (also called New labour) is a british political party currently in Charge of the United Kingdom.
The Most positive thing that the Labour party is remembered for is the creation of the NHS by Clement Attlee in the 1940's.
Currently the New labour party have seen and absolutley staggering fall in popularity after 10 years of mis-managment of the UK has caught up with them and the British public are begginning to relaise what they have done.
They are credited with a number of social problems currently ravaging the UK such as the term Broken Britain coined by the Sun Newspaper.
The Labour Party is also accused of corruption and has been plauged by scandals and attempts to smear their opponents.
Despite leaning towards the left of the political spectrum they have gladly followed the U.S.A into two wars despite the Armed forces being undermanned and ill equipped.
The labour party has faied to support our soldiers in Iraq and have turned their back on most of the principles of the labour party and stabbed all their supporters in the back.
by Dagill August 19, 2009

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