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7 definitions by Daggers

When one person gives another person 12 roses,11 real and 1 fake and tells them they'll love them till the last one dies.
"Did you see Ryan Love Dozen Erin? that was so sweet."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
An angry confused exclaimation. Usually meaning something along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
Man: "Will you go hump that llama?"
Boy: "Bloody Russia!!!! No way!"
by Daggers October 15, 2007
Something increadably fucking hilarious.
Holy fucking shit,when Brittany shaved her head I pissed myself. Seriously it was filarious.
by Daggers November 18, 2007
A soda half drinken by a Mexican that makes you run really fast and jump over fences.
"I got some Beaner Juice from Jorge,and before I knew it I was jumping hedges."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
Syn for noob. A horrible gamer that think's they are awesome with "mad skillz" and such. Usually gets in immature arguements over XBox Live...mainly Japanese people.
"Omg this dude can't even double jump! What a Japanoob."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
Same as hoe bag. Some annoying jerk face that needs to fuck off. Sleezy person who hits on sluts.
"Omg did you see Cory asking that stripper out? He's such a slut muncher."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
A pile of both male and female penises from a Barbie doll,but since they don't have penises,it is nothing. An insult.
"You're a pile of Barbie dicks,so you're NOTHING!!!"
by Daggers October 15, 2007