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7 definitions by Daggers

When one person gives another person 12 roses,11 real and 1 fake and tells them they'll love them till the last one dies.
"Did you see Ryan Love Dozen Erin? that was so sweet."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
5 0
An angry confused exclaimation. Usually meaning something along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
Man: "Will you go hump that llama?"
Boy: "Bloody Russia!!!! No way!"
by Daggers October 15, 2007
1 1
Something increadably fucking hilarious.
Holy fucking shit,when Brittany shaved her head I pissed myself. Seriously it was filarious.
by Daggers November 18, 2007
2 3
A soda half drinken by a Mexican that makes you run really fast and jump over fences.
"I got some Beaner Juice from Jorge,and before I knew it I was jumping hedges."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
12 13
Syn for noob. A horrible gamer that think's they are awesome with "mad skillz" and such. Usually gets in immature arguements over XBox Live...mainly Japanese people.
"Omg this dude can't even double jump! What a Japanoob."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
2 9
Same as hoe bag. Some annoying jerk face that needs to fuck off. Sleezy person who hits on sluts.
"Omg did you see Cory asking that stripper out? He's such a slut muncher."
by Daggers October 15, 2007
0 8
A pile of both male and female penises from a Barbie doll,but since they don't have penises,it is nothing. An insult.
"You're a pile of Barbie dicks,so you're NOTHING!!!"
by Daggers October 15, 2007
7 21