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A subtle, predetermined action warning of sexual climax.
The tap-out is usually 2-4 small pats where the hand is currently resting/grabbing. This courtesy warns a partner to either "stand clear" or "drink up" depending on this partner's preference. The tap-out alows warning of such without anyone yelling "I'M CUMMING" repeatedly.
When Tasha is blowing me, I have to tap-out before I get off because she dosent want it in her mouth.
#sex #sexual actions #blowjob #handjob #tap out
by Daggermouth July 07, 2010
A love interest, usually female, who ignores flirting and thoughtful actions because of her infatuation with someone who would probably never have her.
Tom: Who are those flowers for, Harry?
Dick: Dude! Are those for Tracy again?
Harry: I think I've got her close to a date!
Tom: No way! She's obsessed with her boss.
Dick: Yeah. She's such a Lois Lane.
Harry: :(
#lois #lane #superman #cunt #dc
by Daggermouth July 06, 2010
Full-to-Medium length hair left on the scrotum after trimming or shaving has clearly been done to the major part of the pubic area.
Roxanne: So me and Ted finally did it.
Sheila: Does he "shave"?
Roxanne: Yeah. Well, sort of. He still had a Sack Beard.
#sack #pubes #pube #pubic #balls #sac
by Daggermouth July 06, 2010
n. In opposition to the "Beaver".
Hair on and around the anus and taint region of a man where the hair above the anus would be the "tail" and the hair on the scrotum would be "a mouth full of nuts".
My husband was drying his legs after showering when i walked in. He sure did flash me the squirrel.
#ass #ass hair #balls #ball hair #ass crack #beaver #asshole
by Daggermouth July 06, 2010
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