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Not to be confused with the video ho, the video vixen is a woman of a different and astonishing nature. A video vixen is capable of causing mutiple jerk off sessions during the period a day. A video vixen is not thought to be easily attainable even though her skin bearing appearance may lead one to assume otherwise. Video vixens are known to cause premature ejaculation. See Maya.
I've been trying to fuck that video vixen for real for 2 years, emphasis on for real.
by Dagawd July 26, 2006
A Female with a reputation for violence and Crime. Generally a Dyke in nature but not limited to that variety. This type of female tends to have an extremely foul and vulgure mouth, knows the words to G-Unit songs, and flips the Bird in almost every photograph taken. Her idea of fun is taking her son shopping for a Gun.
I dated a gangsta bitch who called me diamond because me dick was her best friend.
by Dagawd July 25, 2006
A Reference to the late Notorius B.I.G. currently used to describe the quality of a woman's blow job. This term is only propery used when the head recieved is of an abnormally nut busting and fantastic nature. A female who has become an expert at throwing headfakes cannot hook a steak up.
Nah, we couldn't fuck, she was on her period. It's okay cause that bitch can hook a steak up.
by Dagawd July 26, 2006

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