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The person who wrote the definition below me.
When people go on Urbandictionary.com strictly to post things such as "ass whole" with definitions based on insulting men, you can probably assume they're a butthurt bitch who got cheated on. Lol, sucks for that cunt.
by Daft Randoms October 15, 2010
A term that can either be used to greet somebody, confirm something, or just be thrown into the middle of a sentence somewhere. Most often used by douches. The general consensus is to shout "halla" across a hallway or something. There is around a 93% chance that if you frequently use this term, you're a douchebag or a ya d00d or something.
douche: halla, nick!
Not douche: Can somebody punch this kid?

ya d00d: Yo son, you gonna be at Randie's party?
other ya d00d: halla!

asshole: my teacher is a bitch, halla!
I wish I could go to that (halla) concert.
by Daft Randoms November 28, 2010
A scumbag highschool in Durham, CT. Pretty much consistent of douchebag guys, slut girls and greedy faculty. They'll charge five bucks for a $2 meal that tastes like shit, give you a mediocre education, force you to dick around in bullshit classes and generally waste the taxpayers good money.
I wish I didn't have to go to Coginchaug, that place is a shit hole.
by Daft Randoms December 28, 2010

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