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It has been in the history of mankind to shorten the words that man has been using in their life. Phrases such as "Ha ha ha" have been reduced to "ha ha" and other phrases such as "What is going on" have been reduced to "what's up" and even reduced to the more commonly known one-word phrase "wuzzup". Another example if you will. This statement. "Greetings. How are you doing, dear acquaintance, I am currently relaxing in a state of repose" is reduced to "Yo, wuzzup, homie? I'm chillin". Nevertheless, another word has been the subject of this process of lessening the number of syllables in a word to make speech something more quick and easily done in our ever quickening and increasingly faster society. Thus the birth of the word, whatev, has occured.

whatev - a word that has the meaning of whatever except it is pronunciated with the "ev" slightly lengthened so to give the impression of coolness. This is often used in a light manner, often in cases where the person uttering the phrase doesn't care much or pretends not to care.
Person 1: Well, it looks like we are gonna die...
Person 2: Whatev...

Person 1: Oh snap! We have a test today...and a lab due Thursday!!!
Person 2: Whatev...
by Dae-Hyun Jin April 30, 2006
stosseled -v- past tense of "stossel" See entry below.

Stossel -v- to ask a short question, often of a skeptical nature, with an over-the-top imitation of John Stossel's voice and tone in a mock-serious manner so as to provoke the phrase (See first example). Oftentimes the question is no more than three to five words long. It is essential that the person watch some of the John Stossel specials to adequetely capture the mannerisms or verbal tones of John Stossel. It is essential that the person puts a horizontal finger or two under the nose in imitation of John Stossel in order to further give the impression that they are "stosseling". The nature of the word is similar to the word "pwn" or "own" though it is done more to provoke laughter than to pwn or own the person.

"stosseled" is a word that is derived from the last name of an ABC reporter named John Stossel. Upon watching one-hour series of "Give Me a Break", students from a high school in College Station started to use the last name of the reporter in the said series as a verb often to highlight a situation where a question is asked in a manner of John Stossel.
You got stosseled!

Person 1 (Whips up horizontal index finger across the bottom of the nose and uses John Stossel voice): "Isn't that greed?"
Person 2: "Well...er...maybe...yeah...but what I mean is-"
Person 3: "You just got stosseled!"

by Dae-Hyun Jin April 18, 2006

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