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A guy who somehow became popular on Youtube one day. He hides a partly shady life, in which he's supposedly scammed MicFri and Breeze on their popular song "Doin' your Mom". He's been known to do particularly odd things, like addressing the viewers as a forum, repeatedly using phrases like squirrel aids and fake and gay, which are annoying now since 69% of the Youtube community are using it on anyvideo they deem fake.(This has spawned a mutated child, the "False and Homosexual" phrase) So far, he's impersonated a troll multiple times and insulted them, yet he happens to be one himself, lurking around for viral videos and then giving reviews on them in which he shows many signs of being a troll and often not actually giving a review.
What happened to Youtube? People like SxePhil, Ray William Johnson, Fred, and ShaneDawsonTV have taken over.
by DaddyStix March 14, 2010

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