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The fetal twin of Carrie Underwood that she ate while in the womb to gain superpowers.
-- Dude, just think how awesome it would be if Carrie had a twin sister?
-- Uh, she did but she ate her, Miscarrie Underwood style.
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012
The mythical love child of Barry White and Carrie Underwood.
-- Hey, did you see that black guy with blonde hair singing country with the deep voice?
-- Yea, I swear it was a spotting of the magical Barry Underwood.
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012
The scarier version of Carrie Underwood, the day after without all of the Nashville makeup. Alternatively, the uglier Carrie groupies that work real hard to get that look.
Dude, after a night of drinking and banging that hot blonde that looked like Carrie Underwood - when she rolled over in the morning... Holy Crap, more like Scarrie Underwood.
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012
The hot blonde that resembles Carrie Underwood, but he's a dude!
-- Hey, check out the hot blonde in front of us, looks like Carrie Underwood... mmm
-- Idiot, that's a dude... More like Gary Underwood!
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012
The pubic condition when Carrie Underwood goes to long without a bit of personal landscaping.
I bet after several weeks on tour, she's more like Harry Underwood down there then Carrie Underwood. Somebody call a gardener!
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012

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