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The act of waving one's hands in the air in an eratic manner in response to an emotional song or situation. Similar to spirit fingers except that the entire hand and, ocaisionally, the arms, are utilized.
While listening to the Journey power ballad "Faithfully" John broke out the jazz hands.
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009
The act of gesticulating one's fingers while holding the hands in the air. An act typically performed by individuals who can't dance but who want to participate with those who are doing so. Occaionally accompanied by the shaking of the head or upper torso. Similar to jazz hands except that the hands and arms are held steady.
When "Thriller" came on the radio, John began to moonwalk and shake his spirit fingers.
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009
A wire coat hanger crafted in a manner to allow the "chopping" of turds which are too large to be flushed down the drain.
Mother of God. Look at that Monster. Honey, will you bring me the chit chopper?
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009

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