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A Facebook slapper is a woman who is constantly sharing FB pictures of herself in "sexy" poses or "sexy" outfits, but who happens NOT to be the least bit sexy. The Facebook slapper usually has at least one Facebook friend (usally a gay male or a slapper girlfriend) who enthusiastically supports and encourages her in this endeavour, which onlyl causes her to continue sharing such pictures. For everyone else, the pictures serve as great entertainment, but not in the way the Facebook slapper intends.
"Lucinda is at it again. Take a look at what this Facebook slapper is wearing! A t-shirt which is too small for her, and also a bit see-through; her nips are the size of dinner plates!"
#facebook #slapper #ugly #inappropriate #clueless
by Dabro May 16, 2012
A Facebook dandy is a younger or young-ish gay male whose facebook profile picture shows him shirtless in the bathroom mirror; the picture usually shows the very camera which was used to take the picture. In addition to the profile picture, most of the other pictures on his Facebook page are shirtless ones of him, taken by himself or taken by others. The profile picture of the Facebook dandy is a good indication of what can be found in the rest of his profile: Truly atrocious taste in music, a fondness for inane TV shows and movies, and many FB friends with similar profile pictures.
"Darryl wants to be friends on facebook; but his profile pic makes him look like a total narcissistic douchebag. That, and the pictures of him at the pool, at the club, and at the beach. Darryl is clearly in good shape, but he's as shallow as a dinner plate. I'm not adding him as a friend, as I don't want to be bombarded with the predictable cascade of self-picture downloads and 'shares' every time there's a new Lady GaGa song. I don't want a Facebook dandy on my friends list."
#gay #narcissist #douchebag #facebook #shallow
by Dabro May 16, 2012
guy 1 : man she has one fat passenger
guy 2: yo, she due in 2 weeks
#preggos #baby #pregnant #dumb #bitch
by dabro January 22, 2011
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