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1. (n.) One who is made to bear the blame of anything that goes wrong, regardless of the contributions of others.
See also: Scapegoat, Whipping Boy, Bitch, Patsy, Fall Guy

2. (v.) The act of playing with oneself. See also: Masturbation, Jacking Off, Pocket Pool,Corking the Bat, Wacking Off, Flogging the Dolphin, Choking the Chicken, Beating the Meat, Beating the Bishop, Wanking, Rub One Out, Firing Off Some Knuckle Children, etc.
Solo1 (n.):
1. Someone shat in the pool and Solo1 is taking the fall.
2. Even though I watched Ren cum on the carpet, we blamed it on Solo1.
3. Someone crashed NO, we need a Solo1 now!

Solo1 (v.)
1. After a long night of rejection Barry went home to solo1.
2. Watching his neighbor undress through her window was so exciting Barry just had to solo1!
3. Barry needed a woman so badly but unfortunatly spent another night solo1-ing while watching asain porn.
by Dabison November 12, 2008

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