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1: Past tense conjugation of "To fuck"
2: Past participile of "To fuck"
3: Destroyed, messed up, fucked up, fubar.
4: In Extreme danger
5: High on any drug
1: John fucked Shirly
2: That whore has been fucked by 400 men.
3: The TV was fucked; it wouldn't turn on at all.
4: I'm really fucked now becuase I forgot to turn off the stove, causing a fire which destroyed my house.
5: He's so fucked with booze he thinks that sumo wrestler is a hot chick.
by Dab Brill May 28, 2005
Probably the worst sitcom ever made. Features an inventor and his wacky attempts to keep his android daughter a secret. Similar to Dr. Slump but live action, American, less scatalogical, and not funny. Ran for four seasons.
Nurse: Doctor, what's you diagnosis?
Doctor: This man... he watched a full episode of small wonder. His brain... his brain couldn't take it.
by Dab Brill December 13, 2007
Adj./Mil A combination of "motivated" and "retarded". So motivated that the individual looses common sense and does dangerous or outright stupid things, or follows protocol to the point that the individual fails to achive things. IE, the individual is so motivated that they are retarded.
Person 1: "Alex ran out into the open at a Machine Gun Nest to try and shoot the crew"
Person 2:"Well, we've always known he was motarded, but I admit that brings it to new heights."
by Dab Brill May 28, 2005

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