4 definitions by DaUsualCrew

When a chick is hot she's banging. A chick you wanna bang
hey babe youre banging
by DaUsualCrew April 17, 2007
A misguided statement for 'lets be serious', usually said for laughs.
Lettuce be cereal, I know you be 'mirin my aesthetics.
by DaUsualCrew December 28, 2011
fat as pussy yeya like yea
can i please have a fanny wopper with some chips and a drink, biatch
by DaUsualCrew April 17, 2007
Afta cumming have a piss to clean the pips
afta macking a hot chick or wanking, go have a piss. cleaning the pipes
by DaUsualCrew April 17, 2007

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