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A peace of fabric worn around the hip or waist, in the form of a pouch, bag, or pocket. Not to be mistaken for a fanny pack or bum flap. Most pouches are made D.I.Y. witch stands for Do It Yourself. Usly only seen in the punk subculter. Pouches are used to hold things such as, switch blades, cigerret tabacco, cigerret rollers, ciggerret papers, razor blades, sewing kits, and squatting utiensils. Usly clipped on using spring action d-ring clips on d-rings or belt loops. Usly covered with studds, spikes, buttons and patchs.
"Sweet fanny pack"
"Fuck you its a choas pouch!"

"I've been homeless for like 3 months now and I live out of my chaos pouch, it holds every thing, camping silver wear, weed, and my D.I.Y. book on how to make your own beer, and do your own abortions."
by DaRaTt October 27, 2007
Dictionary Meaning:
1. a A cutthroat, cruel or vicious ruffian.
2. a hoodlum
3. an aggressive and violent young criminal
Synonyms: criminal, delinquent, gangbanger, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, punk, punk kid, troublemaker, youthful offender

Overrated Meaning:
A young person that usly is introuble for criminal or delingquent acts. Some one scociety may see as a problem. A ganster. Black boy or man that causes problems or listens to rap.

Best Meaning:
I human that has lived a rough life and inturn may be misjudged by people becaues the way he was raised, looks, acts, talks, or his over all attituded or apperiance. Thugs can be of any race, of any social class, and does not have to listen to rap or hip hop. Sometimes has to do horriable things to stay alive or for fun such as steal, kill, or other crimianl acts.
That kid is a Thug.
All the real thugs are dead.
Dude just got busted for tagging, hes so thug.
I hit up this thug for a dime bag.
by DaRaTt March 05, 2007

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