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The act of getting so mad that you:
a) Flip over a table with items still on it
b) Begin to threaten to beat people with a remote or game controller
Person 1: Dude i don't think he's to happy.
Person 2: Nope, he Ulriched everywhere
by DaMunkyKing218 November 29, 2010
1. Taking a joke further then anyone else has the ability to, and still having it be funny.

2. Making the entire room burst out in gut busting laughter and making fluids fly across the room.
Scenario 1
Person 1: Dude, can he have varrichioed that joke anymore?

Person 2: Seriously, I'll never be able to hear the word buckeye and not laugh.

Scenario 2
Person 1 & 2: *bursts out laughing while taking a drink*
Person 3: BOO YA! totally varrichioed that!
Person 4: Seriously man! You just hotzed them!
by DaMunkyKing218 November 19, 2010
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