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To be beaten; To be hit, or smacked.

You have been OWNED
by Damon March 31, 2003
Punk Cracka Bitch
Comes from Snoop Dogg meaning a Faggit ass white person.
Black Person to White Guy- U fuckin o-fay
by DAmon May 26, 2004
Someone who has never kissed a girl on the lips who isn't a family member or friend.
1. You are a stiff
2. Are you a stiff?
by Damon July 11, 2004
a female, use only for the late night creepin, also another southern (Houston) way of saying a Booty call, also see Hawk's song "you already know"
I cant hang tonight,I'm about to call some HYPE over.
by Damon July 06, 2004
The lead weight of Family Guy.

Wanting to be popular, but failing miserably. The epitome of unpopularity.
Boy that loser's a real Meg Griffin.
by Damon April 26, 2004
Creator of Family Guy and American Dad (which is coming soon)and an excellent singer as well. Greatest thing to happen to TV since TV's creation. He used to write for Johnny Bravo and various other cartoons but his big break was Family Guy, which he also provides the voices of various characters.
Seth MacFarlane, thanks for making Family Guy!
by Damon May 24, 2004
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