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27 definitions by DaMoN

A dragon
And then Trog Dor Slew the Kerrik, and all was laid for burnination
by Damon April 11, 2003
a word used instead of using the word cool.
That ice on your neck is hiphopnin
by Damon February 21, 2005
another word for "cool" "rad" "nifty"
That was so chill.
by DaMoN December 23, 2002
my one love. she is the hottest girl in the world.
Rose Wall is so hot I would love to go out with her, Love Damon.
by Damon January 21, 2005
One crazy video game, the story composed of mainly, getting eggs.
I lost ten pounds on the Seven and Three Eigthses diet!
by Damon January 16, 2004
Much like the jewish concentration camps, but with oranges instead of jewish people
There were peels laid all over the OCC....
by Damon December 09, 2004
Punk Cracka Bitch
Comes from Snoop Dogg meaning a Faggit ass white person.
Black Person to White Guy- U fuckin o-fay
by DAmon May 26, 2004