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27 definitions by DaMoN

A member of a band in the 60s
The Beatle John Lennon was shot dead last night by Mark David Chapman
by Damon July 01, 2003
72 30
1.A creation of Eliphas Levi which is a symbol of man's nature, carnal desires, and connection to nature. Usually seen as a goat-headed figure with a womans torso, pointing above and below, with a sun overhead and a moon below. aka: goat of mendes, goat of a thousand young, black goat.
2. a synonym for the symbol primarily seen as the symbol for the Church of Satan, created by Anton Szandor Lavey, in 1966, which features hebrew letters that spell "lvytn" or leviathan, which is a sea-serpent creature associated with Satan, the dual god of christianity. However, The Church of Satan and Anton LaVey's teachings are not of worship of an external deity, but of teh worship of oneself, who is the real creator of all deities in their opinion. aka: sigil of baphomet.
"That baphomet statue is amazing!"
"Where did you get that baphomet penmdant?"
by Damon December 22, 2003
106 65
1) Length of a very small penis.

2) Average penis size of a 12 year old boy.
I heard Suzie bought a vibrator because her boyfriend only has four inches down there.
by Damon June 17, 2004
46 31
to describe any type of task that requires you to sit for long periods of time, usually at a desk.

Also if you sit for a long time you may develop hemorrhoids, which is painful and that may seem like your butt got busted.

I thought up of this term from "butt buster", an exercise movement that firms your buttocks, basically they are squats.
I can't leave my desk until I finish all these reports, talk about butt busting work.
by Damon January 26, 2005
7 4
1) Length of a below average penis.

2) Average length penis of a teenage boy.
Hey if you only have five inches you can always use your tounge for backup!
by Damon June 17, 2004
54 51
1) Lenght of an above average penis.

2) Size penis that someone who has a really small penis will claim to have.
"Didn't ---- tell everyone that he was hung with seven inches?" "Yeah, but the two girls he slept with said he had a baby dick!"
by Damon June 17, 2004
96 97
you know... that sorta... cutsey... umm... yea you know.
look at that little.... thinglet... over there.
by damon June 26, 2003
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