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-A rare breed of super awesome people. This name is given only to legends. Once you meet a Meyster, you shall never forget them. Common characteristics of Meysters is that they have four or five letter first names. The less letters in their first name, the more incredible they are. Meyster makes any crappy first name look good

-It originally means Legend

- A person so incredibly awesome that no one really understands them

-A girl named Meyster is a blessing upon this planet. Their beauty burns peacocks, their intelligence is immeasurable & if you want her, you'd better fucking mean business for they're known to be aggressive when let down

The original Meyster was a Greek warrior who set on devilish quests, matching Beowolf's skill and ferociousness. Once he saved Olympus and Greece by sacrificing himself for Hades. Hades removed all records of his existence apart from the minds of the gods. From then on, Zeus blessed the name Meyster and granted all who posses the name some form of superiority over everyone else. It is also prophesied that one day, Meysters shall rule the world
- John Meyster, Alex Meyster, Ian Meyster, Theodore Meyster, Paul Meyster and even Mary Meyster e.t.c

They say that Meysters with two letter first names have gained the ability of telepathy. If you're ever to meet a Meyster with four or less letter first names, bow to them immediately
by DaMeyster December 31, 2011

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