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that word that the guy out of shawshank redemption said
Andy: ur so obtuse

Warden: zomg i are not
by Dabetts January 17, 2011
One who assigned attributes or positions to oneself and then believes one has them. A Self-Styled person will decide that s/he is something without any real proof of such and expect others to accept it.

When someone is described as 'Self-Styled' it usually indicates that they are not actually what they consider themselves.
DJ. Jon MacDeeboy was a Self-Styled 'Controversial Rapper'. Although his lyrics seemed very conventional.
by Dabetts June 09, 2011
A small town near the England/Scotland border. Well known for hosting a terrorist attack in 1988 and ruining Christmas for everyone.
Lockerbie :The Terrorists that stole christmas

1988 was a year in which Christmas did not take place, why? Because some self-absorbed town in the middle of nowhere couldn't wait at least five days to crash a plane.
by DaBetts October 17, 2010
A paradox, since Emos themselves are wannabe goths/vampires.
Emo: Oh boo hoo my lifes so hard I wish I was a vampire

Emo Wannabe: Oh boo hoo my lifes so hard I wish I was a vampire
by Dabetts September 19, 2010
to use 'Humour' as an excuse for being a prick
Mr. Smith: So Mr. Jones, I heard your Girlfriend had enough of you

Mr. Jones: Shut up you, you know she died, Don't be facetious

Mr. Smith: For goodness sake, don't be so sensitive
by Dabetts January 17, 2011
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