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when you pull out from some head to stop from cumming, but proceed to blow your wad all over her face anyway: mutual surprise ensues, as you thought you just needed a quick break.
Dan: "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh no! Cindy, stop! I'm gonna cum!"
Cindy: "What? Come on Dan, what the fuck! All over my face?"
Dan: "Sorry darling, it was a Florida Surprise!"
by Da Sperminator April 18, 2011
a device to remotely trap, catch, or capture a bro employing the use of a beer as bait; like a mousetrap, but using a brewski instead of cheese.
"Yo Cal, can you brew me?" -dude

"Sure bro... (puts hand in beer trap fridge). Yo dude, what the hell?! My hand is stuck." -Cal

"Good, now let's talk about you fucking my girlfriend, you son of a bitch!" -dude
by Da Sperminator October 04, 2011
The king of all laggers, brings your online gaming speed down to a crawl.
Guy playing Call Of Duty: "Wow, is this guy using dial up?! Seriously my game speed went down to zero! He is Lagamemnon!"
by Da Sperminator February 15, 2012

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