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5 definitions by Da Sak

This is a expression used when some dumb asshole or assholes are trying to do something such as playing football in jeans and and poppped colars and it makes you wanna go over and beat the ever living shit out of them.
Guy A: Do you see those fucking dickheads over there?
Guy B: Yea what a fucking clown show!
by Da Sak September 08, 2006
17 7
Someone who appears to be a banging ass ho from a far (about 50 yards). However when you come closer to them they appear much less like Jessica Simpson and much more like O.J. Simpson.
Guy A: o shit look at that banging ass ho, i bet she gets it poppin.
Guy B: Nah man ive seen her a party and she beat. She a 50 yarder.
by Da Sak September 10, 2006
11 4
This is when someone is tricked into looking at anothers large flacid cock and balls in a cold environment. The owner of the pile of cock must first engage in a physical activity to ensure that his cock and balls are hot sweaty and steaming. This can be achieved by playing table tennis with a few friends.
I was tricked into coming into the meat freezer when I was met by a huge steaming pile of cock.
by Da Sak September 08, 2006
14 9
This is an describing word for someone who looks like he or she should be beat with a hose and thrown in a tank of barracudas. This person usually is wearing a pink popped collared shirt with ripped jeans and big annoying glasses and a knock off of the Livestrong braclets. Besides the clothing they act like they are better than everyone else cause they think they are cool but in reality they suck and everyone hates them even their parents.
Nick is such a bag of douche. He shoudl be shot!
by Da Sak September 08, 2006
26 30
A sexual position in which a man shits on somones chest then blows a quite large white creamy substance known as cum on top of the recently planted poop. Next to the man there happens to be a jar of fresh picked cherries in which he uses to place a cherry on the top. Now the man can decide whether to feed it to her with a spoon or with his penis.
Im hungry, I could go for a hot fudge sundae.
by Da Sak September 08, 2006
2 11