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13 definitions by Da Quizzler

A gay guy's groomsman.
Alex: You're silly, I'm gonna make you one of my guysmaids!
Adam: Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!
by Da Quizzler June 27, 2011
Connecting random unrelated events similar to Russell Crowe as John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind.
Dave: I'm trippin out man!!
Nick: Say what?
Dave: A car went by my house and 69 was in the license plate....
Nick: Yeah? So what.
Dave: But 69 means something sexual, as in reproduction, but in 1969 we landed on the Moon, and that was like a rebirth of America and then I started thinking that Shanequa is pregnant and after I pay child support I'll only be eating astronaut ice cream the rest of my life unless I go to my pastor and commit to being a born-again! WHY ME DUDE!?!?!?!?
Nick: Jesus you are acting Nashy.
by Da Quizzler July 29, 2011
A female that can be turned on easily simply by using sexual innuendos.
Graham: Dude I got that date with Jayme tonight, I wonder how I'm gonna go about gettin' in those jeans?
Dane: Oh c'mon G, everyone knows she's an innuendhoe, spit a lil somethin in her ear pimpin'!
by Da Quizzler June 27, 2011
When a skallywag is sexting more than one gentleman at once. It's a play on the term "Mobile Banking."
"Ayo Deztini be on that mobile skanking tip homie, she sextin da whole block!!"
by Da Quizzler October 10, 2011
Just as serious as "Grand Theft Auto" in some cultures. This is when two buddies are trying to pull off the eiffeltower or any other 2 on 1 maneuver and some other guy(s) come(s) along and steals her away.
Dan: That bitch was ours dammit! I was as horny as a goat on weed for that scallywag!
Nicholas: Yeah what the hell is Zack's problem?!
Dan: That's Grand Theft Our Hoe, first degree.
by Da Quizzler July 07, 2011
Someone who spends more on their car than dwelling. Hence drives a Caddy but lives in a shack.
Oh man check out Dimitrius he got the new STS!" "yea but isn't he still living in that dump?" "He's a caddyshack!
by Da Quizzler August 10, 2010
The cash a pimp receives from his hoes.

Chickenheads + Legal Tender = Chicken Tenda
Pimp: "Bitch betta have my money!"
Hoe: "C'mon daddy you know I got chu!"
by Da Quizzler October 14, 2011