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AKA Philly/ City of Brotherly Love.
Lemme tell you, I'm born and raised in Philly and maybe the only reason someone has a issue with Philly is 'cus they not from here. In Philly, you can meet some of the greatest people. Rita's is good, the cheesesteaks are great and the pretzels are the best.
Yeah, there's ghetto parts but get over it! If you're not used to ghetto areas then what the f*** are you doin' in Philly? People talk about walking around scared about gettin' mugged, while I can go out without a issue. Here's a hint for wherever you go; If you act like a victim, you're gonna end up a vitcim! It's not that difficult people! Philly might be a lil tough but when the goin' gets tough the tough get goin'! Damnit if you a prissy lil bitch and stay soft then what you learnin'?
And yeah, Philly got black people. What's your point? It's urban! Lots of places are urban and a lot of people WISH they urban! My friend went to Maryland and it was filled with wanna be G's!
We also loyal fans. E-A-G-L-E-S!!! If ya got a problem with it then stick it up your ass 'cus Philly people have NO issue with kickin' your ass about it like some North Carolina girl found out one day.
Philly is diverse too! I have white, black, asian, european and hispanic friends! Everyone you run into is mixed 'cus we don't care what you are! Hell if you mixed you even sexier!
So allow me to sum it all up.
Philly is:
Good food
Tough people
Loyal fans
Ass kickers
Person 1: Yo where u from?
Person 2: I'm from Philadelphia
Person 1: Oh dats wussup! Go eagles!
Person 2: Jea boi! Let's go get sum cheese steaks
by Da Otha Monnie Luv From Philly April 17, 2006

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