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Electronics Arts incorporated. They produce video games and are the opitome of the evil of Capitalism.
Word, but did you see that Spiderman game and that James Bond Game that EA games came out with they was busten.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
The most famous Dark Lord of the Sith Formally Anakin Skywalker before the long awaited lava duel.
I'm going to change the topic to a different character since we all want to talk about Star Wars and pretend we don't. We all know that he thought he was great and Obi Wan punked him out. Anyway who is a bigger CB towards Princess Leia Lando Callarrisian or Han Solo.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
In the reproductive process the Helix splits into two so that the RNA and DNA can furtalize the egg.
Yo Home last might I was doing some serious Double Helixen
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
Abuse of prostitutes by their pimps.
There is nothing funny about striking a woman or someone weaker than you. Because in your words, there is someone who could put you out on the street.
by Da NavisLonga X May 03, 2005
An online Roleplaying game where peeps run around as elves and stuff.
Although I cant imagine playing it myself that was funny what that guy said about a form of birth control.
by Da NavisLonga X May 03, 2005
People of Middle Eastern Descent.
Word,down with racism. When you say "Kick those Gay racist asses," your not refering to jacking a 747 to do it for you. Joking we should all smoke a piece pipe.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
Electronics Arts, inc. A Producer and Distributor of Video Games.
EA is another way that the Man is keeping us down. Much like my older brother couldnt go to work because he was into crack, I cant go to work because of the Playstation 2.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
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