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the "creamy filling" of your "man twinkie;" you know, jizz!
Women are evil cuz they try to steal your man juice!
by Da Nasty One June 17, 2003
when a white boy wants to fuck lots of asian women
George got the yellow fever. His new girlfriend is from Chinatown.
by Da Nasty One June 13, 2003
1) phrase meaning, "I challenge you to a streetfight," usually accompanied by the challenger assuming a fighting stance

2) phrase accepting such a challenge to a streetfight
"I'm sick of you insulting my mamma! It's go time, you punk ass bitch!"
by Da Nasty One November 19, 2004
eating at a restaurant and leaving without paying the check
Yesterday we went did a dine n ditch at Perkins!
by da nasty one June 11, 2003
wet, sloppy shit that squirts as soon as you relax your butt cheeks
That fucking hobo got ass batter all over the floor!
by Da Nasty One November 11, 2004
The breasts on a fat man.
That dude got the biggest man titties I ever seen!
by Da Nasty One June 11, 2003
The ability to satisfy a woman in ways that could sicken a normal man.
Duece, you got some magical man-jina.
by Da Nasty One June 11, 2003
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