42 definitions by Da Nastee One

a total fuckin idiot
Dude! This is a fuckin 4th of July picnic softball game! This ain't the fuckin World Series! Calm the fuck down, dude!
by Da Nastee One May 06, 2004
one of them stuck-up bitches in a college sorority who is obsessed with herself
these fuckin cunts get drunk every weekend and spread their legs for anyone

im bitter can you tell
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
a large car from the late 1970's (usually a Cadillac or a Lincoln) with a custom sound system, custom wheels, and a custom paint job
also known as a "land yacht"
by Da Nastee One October 03, 2003
a really hot, underage girl; most men would hook up with a lizzie mcguire if they knew they can get away with it
GUY 1: Damn! Check out that raven-haired hotty with the bodonkadonk booty!

GUY 2: Back off, dude. That lizzie mcguire is only 14.
by Da Nastee One June 12, 2003
an in-joke

there is no actual sex act called a "dirty dutch," but you mention it to make a naive friend believe there is

basically, you say you did the "dirty dutch" the night before and then mention it's nastier, dirtier, and sicker than the vilest sex act you can think of
"Last night my girlfriend, one of her friends, and I did the "dirty dutch." Man, the "dirty dutch" is sicker than going ass-to-mouth while tongue kissing someone who just tossed your salad."
by Da Nastee One December 06, 2006
cheap, poor quality marijuana commonly consumed by high school & college students
Kids in college smoke hippie lettuce cuz that's the only MJ they can afford!
by Da Nastee One February 03, 2004
a really hot feminine lesbian as opposed to a butch bull dyke
theres nothin better than lipstick lesbians
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004

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