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36 definitions by Da Milkman

A nice little program that basic people use to get the job done. Exports a low quality film, usually plagued with stupid white text on blue background. Those who just want to "get the job done" use this tool, while the rest of us would desire something else such as Sony Vegas, or Adobe After Effects.
Windows Movie Maker is good for those little projects where you don't care how good it looks.
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009
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Valve Anti-Cheat. Basically, it's a program that is like a virus scanner only for hacks, if they detect hacks on server joins and whatnot, you will be banned within a few days, hours, or weeks.

Players who have been banned always claim they didn't cheat, or their brother or friend put the hacks on, basically trying to get it out. There have only been less than 10 people actually unbanned from VAC before. Anyone who is banned will only be banned from VAC secure servers, but can still play on unsecured ones. Every game that uses VAC will be inaccessible (you won't be able to play on VAC secure servers).

It's often criticized as a way to make money from Valve to get a new account and games. Accounts that have been banned payed up to thousands on games before, but over 1 hack they loose all.

Many times VAC isn't updated to the most recent hacks, private hacks still exist, and are harder to detect.

VAC has certainly busted many cheaters, but some still get by.
Noob: OMG! Me is VAC banned! WTF! vavle u just want my monies! I didtn hack!

Me: God shut up. We all know you hacked, headshots 24/7 isn't easy, but you managed to do it. Go away.
by Da Milkman June 26, 2009
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The latest game released by DICE on July 8th, and 9th of 2009. It is essentially a lower level but nicer graphics version of Battlefield 1942. On the day of the release the forums were flooded with people complaining about various issues. One member even threatened to file a class action lawsuit against DICE for "misleading" people to somehow enter their credit card information, download the game, install it, and start play it. Pretty odd.

The game itself is quite fun, but rather glitchy in the earliest form. In time the game is speculated to have various bug fixes, and perhaps even more maps.

Many console wars broke out over the "Coral Sea Challenge" which is essentially if the community of Xbox and Playstation 3 users get 43 million kills in total, the 100% dogfight map Coral Sea will be unlocked. A counter was added to the home page, and Xbox users started to boast about how they were winning, causing Playstation 3 users to retaliate and cause a console war.
Battlefield 1943 is a good game, just needs a bit of work. You can't beat the $15 price either.
by Da Milkman July 12, 2009
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The newest flash game to hit the internet. It happens to be a barbarian-style game in which you spam someones email, they fight you, you get "EXP" (experience points), and so on.

This game is particularly annoying, as people create loads of links to their stupid "Brutes" on forums. People spend way too much time on this game.
Person 1:

Person 2: What is that? Sounds like a place for sickos.

Person 1: NO WAY! MyBrute is the best new flash game that gives you zero control EVER!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
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"First Reply" or "First Replying" is the act of roaming forums, seeing a topic that has been newly created, and quickly clicking and typing "First!" or "First reply!" or the most common "FIRST REPLY!".

More than often, others too are attempting to post first, so you will see multiple "first replies".

This act is often discouraged, as it serves of no relevance to the topic creator (or anyone else for that matter).
Person 1: *Creates new topic.*

Person 2: FIRST REPLY!

Moderator: Annoying child, BURN! *Presses ban button."
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
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Really used by the U.S. Pork company, but now it's become a term to define a white person who trys to act black, and the black people seem to notice and say "oh look, the other white meat". Now it's overused by white people who think they are funny.
Wigger: Fo shizzle!

Black Person: Yo whitey you're the other white meat.

Wigger: Cool! Now I'm going to got say that to my friends in an attempt to be funny!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
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The "Ban Button" is a hypothetical button (though some network administrators and moderators actually have a key assigned to said feature), that more than often refers to banning someone from something for some particular reason.

The "Ban Button" can refer to a number of things, whether it be a button on a forum or game that bans, or a key that bans.

The origins are not entirely sure of.
Person 1: I'm trolling you!

Admin: *Presses the "Ban Button".*

Person 1: Aww! I'm so angry now I'm going to threaten to take down this site with my bare hands yet I will not do anything because deep down inside I'm scared!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
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