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36 definitions by Da Milkman

The next generation of the Battlefield serious, rumored to be the final stage before the mysterious Battlefield 3 is announced.

Bad Company 2 features the new Frostbite 2.0 allowing for even more destructible environments, meaning no longer can you take down a full wall by one grenade, only a small hole is opened up.

Bad Company 2 is also the first M rated game in the Battlefield serious, due to the language and blood.

It's also the first Frostbite game that will be available for PC. A beta of it is released on November 19th, but for Playstation 3 only, meaning the forums were flooded with whining Xbox 360 players. The PC beta also comes out sometime in December.

The game is scheduled to be released on March 2nd, 2009.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is rumored to be able to compete with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
by Da Milkman November 14, 2009
A site that was once good, full of artists who liked to have a place to express their work and get useful and constructive criticism. This was when it first started.

Now it is home to:

-Stupid wannabe hackers trying to post tutorials.

-5 year old children who claim they are 26.

-People who spam the comments section with webcam links.

-People who constantly ask, "what song is that?".

-Annoying people who keep asking how to do something despite it clearly being explained.

-People who give every video they encounter the lowest rating possible (1 star).

-People who continuously post "please subscribe to my channel" on every video description.

-People who use the new video annotation function to post "subscribe!" all over the place.

-Angry people ranting about why they hate parking spaces and everything in between.

-People who try to make funny or amusing videos involving a "mash-up" of video clips.

-People who do product reviews who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

-Idiots trying to do stunts that fail horribly.

-People who use "U" and "UR" in tutorial videos.

-People who use Windows Movie Maker and don't even change the colors.

-People who post videos with excessively loud music that takes your focus off the video.

-A code that everyone uses on their site to embed videos because nobody has ever heard the concept of embedding their own videos.

-People who use the crappiest encoding formats that sound like crap.

-Failed comedians who try to copy off of Saturday Night Live and Mad TV.

-People who like to quote movies or re-make them.

-Some of the most foul mouthed little children who like to abuse the word "fuck" in every comment and/or video title.

In other words, YouTube used to be fairly decent, but then little idiots took over and now the rest of us are thrown into this swirl of atrocity they call videos.
Person 1: Hey man lets make a YouTube video we think is going to be funny, and then we will get angry when someone tries to comment against it!

Person 2: Yea! Then we can put loads of video annotations all over our video that tell people to subscribe!
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009
"Fail" is a word that is more than often overused online. Unfortunately it has spewed into mainstream society and now is being used in every day life, much like "epic".

People who "fail" generally are not even trying to accomplish anything, or they simply do something different than you. This word is most commonly used by annoying teenagers (who put a bad reputation on gaming), who shout "FAIL!" every time someone makes a slight error.

If you point out an obvious flaw by saying "FAIL" you're obviously a failure yourself for having lack of logic.
Kid: I just tripped because someone...tripped me.

Idiot who doesn't use logic to realize it wasn't the kids fault for being tripped, it was actually the other persons fault: FAIL!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
The most kick-ass first person shooter made in history. Want to get inside a building, but that wall is blocking? Simple, blow it up! This game is awesome, as everything in the environment is DESTROYABLE. You can blow up houses, blow holes in walls, not to mention it has a fairly entertaining single player mode. It's main awesomeness is featured online, where you can keep ranks, and even take screenshots and they will auto-upload to EA's servers for FREE. It uses the new Frostbite engine, allowing people to mess with the environment, such as also blowing craters into the ground, giving your teammates cover. It features the old conquest mode, as well as the new and popular Gold Rush mode, in which you must either defend or attack gold crates. Now you do not have to worry about idiots hiding all the time, as you can blow away their cover, leaving them for dead.
Person 1: Hey, I'm going to play Call of Duty 4, you in?

Person 2: Why? So some idiot can hide behind a wall all day? No thank you.

Person 1: What are you talking about? All games are like that!

Person 2: Not Battlefield Bad company, you can blow apart walls with awesome weapons!

Person 1: Be right back. *goes and shoots Call of Duty 4*

Person 2: Going to go get Battlefield Bad Company now?

Person 1: Hell yea!
by Da Milkman December 21, 2008
The next operating system currently in development (but can publicly be tested until June 1 2010) by Microsoft. It features a brand new task bar that often is said to be a rip of KDE. It features better driver compatibility, and pretty much is Vista all fixed up with an enhanced GUI. Many already respect that this is a great operating system, actually running on less system requirements than Vista.
Windows 7 is pretty much a great version of Vista.
by Da Milkman June 02, 2009
It's simply the technical name (strand) of the Swine Flu. Instead of calling it the Swine Flu, the idiots at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) had to name it something to make it sound more extreme.

Basically H1N1 (Swine Flu) is just like the ordinary flu, only lacks a vaccination. TamiFlu works fine on it.
CDC People: The Swine Flu will no be called...*booming voice* H1N1! This is because we think half of the world studies viral strands.

Me: Why?
by Da Milkman May 25, 2009
It's just the background image located behind the "Urban Dictionary" logo. It just so happens you might accidental drag it into the box when trying to click inside the search box.

I'm certain we've all encountered it at least once.

It's just the background image.
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009