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You better pray to God you don't drop that
Don't drop that cake
by Da Greek May 11, 2004
Too much car for any import to hadle.
Does that import driver really think he can park that corvette? He's not even worthy enough to look at it.
by Da Greek May 20, 2004
Pure badass. Comes with the ability to smoke all charley < ~ ~ > cars and is in a different ball park than their slower rival the stang. Known to haul ass anywhere they go, and burn anybody that gets in their way. They're garanteed eye candy.
My Trans Am will kill your WRX, and take your girl.
by Da Greek May 20, 2004
A religious cult that gets together on every Tuesday and Thursday to drink the punch. They can't do math correctly because they haven't figured that the number of 144,000 has been reached and there is no point of continuing the cult. They also cannot read the Bible, so they made their own which is way shorter and with pictures for them to understand only what they want. They also are very gay people that made a web site called www.pcgamessource.com, which they dictate like Nazis. If you have time go onto their forums and write random things. They also travel in herds.
A jahovas witness was spotted away from his pack, trying to grab another male.
by Da Greek May 20, 2004
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