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Rolling on the floor, laughing my fucking ass off, and scared the dog
Usually found in Instant Messages, typed when someone has said something REALLY funny, like, "Why won't my new home-built PC start up? Should I have used those little brass stand-offs between the case and the motherboard?" The proper reply to such stupidity would be ROTFLMFAOASTD!
by Da Dirty Q-Tip October 18, 2002
Acronym for Out Of Brain Power.
That son of a gun is so stupid, I swear he's gotta be OOBP.
by Da Dirty Q-Tip October 18, 2002
An Experimental Project (XP) released upon the masses of computer users, tooted as the latest and greatest operating system, which, in theory sounds great, however in practice, causes nothing more than problems, headaches, and nausea, and high job turnover rates for Network Administrators.
This fucking Windows X-perimental Project has crashed yet again, and insists upon sending an error report to MicroSoft. Un-be-fucking-lieveable. You'd think that after 20 years in the market, they'd have come up with something more stable...
by Da Dirty Q-Tip October 18, 2002

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