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2 definitions by Da Dentist

An out of control night when drugs are taken and at some point you rip a sink off a wall. note: not all sinks can be ripped off a wall, but you gotta try.
1. Amy Whinehouse was balis the night she died.

2. Before he was winning, Charlie Sheen was balis.

3. Tom "dude wheres my car?"

Dan "i dunno man we got balis last night"
by Da Dentist July 25, 2011
GOL (giggle out loud). It's the new LOL, it's sweeping the nation. Originating in England and central parts of Asia, it has finally made it's way over to the states. The kids love it.
1. (someone says something funny) GOL that is hilarious!

2. Jay "hey man you need to go to the dentist!"

James "GOL! yea tell me about it! smhsmh"
by Da Dentist July 25, 2011