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a guy in prison who likes to talk like a badass when he's still locked in the cell but doesn't say shit when he's out.
Stop being a cell soldier and come out on the yard and talk shit.
by Da ChampSJA April 01, 2007
A dude in prison who's usually broke or a dope fiend who steals from other people's lockers.
Junebug is a damn locker thief, he took five of my soups I bought at canteen.
by Da ChampSJA April 01, 2007
a lil punk who likes to jack off to prison staff as they walk by his cell. Usually a cell soldier too.
Junebug is a weenie whacker because he probably never had sex outside of prison.
by Da ChampSJA April 01, 2007
when a guy in prison does something wrong, like steal from a homie's locker, and gets his ass beat.
The homie Junebug got touched on for being a locker thief.
by Da ChampSJA April 01, 2007

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