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A good gaming console, equal if not better than the Xbox 360 (let the thumbs down ratings flow), and features:

1. BluRay.

2. Free internet.

3. Wireless support right out of the box.

4. Playstation Store.

5. High Defenition gaming (complete with HDMI ports).

6. Memory card readers (SD and MicroSD).

7. Ability to use external hard drives to store data.

8. Faster internet browser than the PSP.

9.Blue Tooth support.

10. High quality graphics support.
The Playstation 3 is awesome...if you can afford it. =/
by Da Milkman July 10, 2009
A "56k Warning" is a nice way of telling someone they might stand a chance of a black hole opening up inside of their home if they use dialup and try to access a site bogged down with images or videos.

Basically if you're in that 16% of people who use dialup, you need to watch out for these.
DSL / Cable: HAHAHA! These videos have such a high comedic value. I'm going to post them.

Dialup: Hey! Videos with comedic values?! I want to see! *Clicks*

Dialup: Oh noes! I ignored the 56k warning CLEARLY posted!

*Black hole opens up and sucks out the persons living room*

DSL / Cable: lol?
by Da Milkman May 24, 2009
Some stupid drink that the kids like today. People like to make shirts with the big green M on them, load their things down with the stickers, and generally act like it's some life style. It's an energy drink, not a social movement.
Monster Energy Drink is just what it seems, an energy drink. Nothing more, nothing less.
by Da Milkman January 05, 2009
A game that used to be good, until the people who make Warrock decided to prefer payed users instead of the die-hard free users that used to have fun playing. Now free players are restricted to horrible guns, and cannot download as many custom maps or content. Filled with hackers who can't play the right way, crying 10 year old children, and idiots who like to make movies and lag out the game. Warrock is a more expensive knock-off of Battlefield 2, only instead with crappier graphics and non-existent armies.
Person 1: Hey man want to play some Warrock?

Person 2: Why? So I can get bitched at by some child who claims I'm a hacker since I shoot him in the head for hiding in the same spot?
by Da Milkman January 31, 2009
The lesser of 2 evils. It's either GameStop, or EB Games.

Though both do pay you nearly nothing for used games, EB Games tends to give more in-store credit for those who wish to do that instead of getting cold hard cash.

EB Games has a wider selection, more console support, and the customer service usually acts like customer service should, unlike GameStop where they try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff you don't need, and don't babble in your ear about their personal opinions.
EB Games Scenario

EB Games: Welcome. How may I assist you today?

Me: I just would like to get Battlefield 2 for PC.

EB Games: Alright, here you are, we index all of our games so we actually know what people are looking for.

Me: How much will this come to.

EB Games: Only about $10.

Me: Ah, that's nice.

EB Games: *Rings up game* Have a nice day.

Me: You too.

GameStop Scenario

GameStop: YO! What are you looking for today man?

Me: Just Battlefield 2 for PC.

GameStop: Nah man, get Battlefield 2142! Way better!

Me: No, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Why? It's got future weapons!

Me: I already said, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Do you have an ID to verify your age?

Me: You're kidding right?

GameStop: Sorry sir, we need ID for EVERYONE who buys games rated over E.

Me: I thought it was M.

GameStop: Alright sir calm down. If you don't have an ID I can't sell you the game.

Me: ...

GameStop: If you buy Battlefield 2142 I will not card you. ;-)

Me: LISTEN! I do NOT want to buy Battlefield 2142! I already own it, and I want Battlefield 2. I don't care to listen to your stories about how it's so much better. JUST RING UP MY DAMN GAME!

GameStop: Do you have ID?

Me: ...FUCK YOU. I'm going to EB Games. Have fun being a virgin forever, chicks don't like guys who masturbate to half-naked 3D characters in games. Do us all a favor, and just die.
by Da Milkman July 16, 2009
Valve Anti-Cheat. Basically, it's a program that is like a virus scanner only for hacks, if they detect hacks on server joins and whatnot, you will be banned within a few days, hours, or weeks.

Players who have been banned always claim they didn't cheat, or their brother or friend put the hacks on, basically trying to get it out. There have only been less than 10 people actually unbanned from VAC before. Anyone who is banned will only be banned from VAC secure servers, but can still play on unsecured ones. Every game that uses VAC will be inaccessible (you won't be able to play on VAC secure servers).

It's often criticized as a way to make money from Valve to get a new account and games. Accounts that have been banned payed up to thousands on games before, but over 1 hack they loose all.

Many times VAC isn't updated to the most recent hacks, private hacks still exist, and are harder to detect.

VAC has certainly busted many cheaters, but some still get by.
Noob: OMG! Me is VAC banned! WTF! vavle u just want my monies! I didtn hack!

Me: God shut up. We all know you hacked, headshots 24/7 isn't easy, but you managed to do it. Go away.
by Da Milkman June 26, 2009
A nice little program that basic people use to get the job done. Exports a low quality film, usually plagued with stupid white text on blue background. Those who just want to "get the job done" use this tool, while the rest of us would desire something else such as Sony Vegas, or Adobe After Effects.
Windows Movie Maker is good for those little projects where you don't care how good it looks.
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009

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