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When you fart in a hot tub and catch the bubbles under your cupped hand, which you maneuver over to someone else and spread your fingers, allowing the bubbles to surface directly in front of their face.
I abroped your sister in the hot tub 3 times. She still has no clue.
by DW Dawg April 10, 2009
When you pull up someone's undies so far that you get them up on their toes so that you can steer them around.
I gave Bruce a steering wedgie and walked him across the room.
by DW Dawg April 10, 2009
A zootweeze with a woman's undies.
She zootwatted me with her g string. I didn't smell a thing.
by DW Dawg April 12, 2009
Pulling a pair of underwear down over someone's head. Points are scored for pulling the undies so tight that you can see their face through the fabric. Points also for placing the tire track directly over the victim's nose.

Be prepared to lose the undies if you've gotten it right, as the vic will rip them to shreds.
I snuck up and zootweezed him with 2 day-old undies.
by DW Dawg April 10, 2009
When you wipe a booger on someone.
I snarded the steering wheel of your Mom's Benz.
by DW Dawg April 10, 2009
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