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2 definitions by DV Legends

To knock one's male reproductive organ upon a door or window of a female's homestead in order to gain said female's attention and alert the female to the highly probable consensual intercourse/rape that will occur shortly.
"Bro that slampiece was a total cock-blocking skank, how did you get her to put out?" ...Two words... Keeyock Neeyock
by DV Legends August 04, 2010
52 1
A female that has attracted the attention of male peers via sexual attractiveness. Said female is more desirable than the comparable "Cum Dumpster" and "Slam Piece". Rather, the hotness of the Thrash Meat is so intense that men fantasize about beating the female senseless with their genitals.
Picture that Thrash Meat as a punching bag and my Penis is Muhammed Ali... I would OBLITERATE THAT SHIT
by DV Legends January 12, 2011
12 0